Stalker: maps and routes

Routes of penetration of stalkers to the Zone

Stalkers are reluctant to talk about the ways of penetration into the Zone. It seems that each of the “Game-addicted” believes that his route is somehow unique. “Ideological” stalkers hold a “hole” in secret because of the growing popularity of penetrations in the Chernobyl Zone. They are silent too about the “holes” in the security perimeter of the city of Pripyat. It seems that everyone has his own “secret” route.
However, for those who know the Exclusion Zone it is easy to determine the probable point of entry by the photos, which are posted online in excess.
We are not going to lay out detailed maps of routes of stalkers on the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Schematic map of penetration Zones of different types of stalkers is presented below, based on the analysis of reports and photographs.

Maps of the stalker routes

Map of the stalker routes

Here are some schematic maps compiled by “Game-addicted” stalkers. Published with permission of authors.

Stalker map of Exclusion Zone

Stalker map of Exclusion Zone

Map by Real Stalker

Map by Real Stalker

Stalker – as a mean of the Zone protection

Absent knowledge with the stalkers, which took place during the analysis of their reports, raises some controversial ideas. The first, lying on the surface of the problem – is the need for stricter of security measures, strengthening monitoring and punishment. In many ways it can be said that such an approach hardly solve the problem. Because stalkers with expertise already established contacts with locals (natives) and know all mode of patrol the perimeter of the Chernobyl Zone. Tighter controls will probably be temporary, but in the unfolding financial crisis, probably will not impact at all.
The second approach is the possibility of attracting the stalkers to works for the protection and care of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Legalization. The approach is not faultless, but with a thoughtful approach, young people could be on a voluntary basis be engaged with foresters and other essential services of the Exclusion Zone, which kind of activity is connected with the care and control of the 2,600 square kilometer Zone of ecological disaster.
Significantly, such an approach, which allows young people to participate in scientific and industrial process of enterprises of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, would have a powerful educational nature.
Agree, today it is very important to our degrade society.

Recommendations to the Stalkers

The authors do not approve the penetration of stalkers in the Exclusion Zone, because these actions are not only illegal but dangerous to stalkers themselves. For completeness of information when making a decision about penetration, we have compiled a ranking of hazards in an illegal visit to the Zone. In constructing the rating, the authors used more than 10 years of personal experience of field work in the Zone and the experience of colleagues, information on incidents. Hazards are listed with increasing probability of their realization.

  1. Wild animals. On the territory of the Zone there are three types of large predators, which can potentially attack the person – the lynx, wolf, and possibly a bear. Regarding the last animal there are no reliable signs of his presence, but it is a shortcoming of researchers, because of the Belarusian part of the Zone there is a bear. In addition to the threat of attack predators can serve as a source of rabies infection. Poisonous animals are Common viper and hornet. Adder quite numerous, it is connected with an abundance of habitats: swamps and wet forests. Hornets build nests in enclosed spaces – holes, cavities, abandoned buildings. Despite its size, they are rather dangerous creature – one of the authors witnessed a hornet “knocked out” adult man for 4 hours, electrician died from the bite of hornets in 2008.
  2. Sources of radiation. Ranking Zone for a 5-km, 10-km and 30-km on the degree of risk and radiation doses is well enough, but rather gives an overall picture. You are not immune from receiving doses even in the most “clean” areas. The reason for this may be man-made sources – part of the equipments, which were used in the liquidation, “dirty” rooms where liquidators in 1986 kept the “dirty” things.
  3. Law Enforcement. Office of Internal Affairs in the Zone is not confined only to guard the perimeter and facilities. Therefore, the task “to bypass checkpoint” does not solve the problems. In addition to protection units, there are operational units; their work is to catch illegal visitors. For this work (raids and clean-ups) “non-local” units of power profile (Special Forces and rapid response teams) are involved. And if you “lighted”, hunting will start. By the way, it is very easy to be “lighted”. The Zone just seems lifeless, in fact, there are enough “eyes”, and calculate the “non-local” by experienced person in the wake of stay very easily. Result is one – transport to Ivankov district court through the Interior Ministry department in Chernobyl. In addition to the police stalker may be hunted by the following services – border guards, forest protection, and operational groups of militarized groups (VOHR).
  4. Illegal rabble. In the Zone there are a lot of them – hunters for metal and building materials, mushroom pickers, poachers. You can not be a misanthrope, but this category of people is such as it is better re-read of Arseniev: “In the Ussuri taiga you must always rely on the opportunity to meet with wild beasts. But the worst thing is an encounter with a man. The beast escapes from the man by fled, but if he rushes, it was only when he is being persecuted. In such cases, the hunter and the beast – everyone knows what to do. People are another thing. In taiga one God is my witness, and that’s why the custom has developed a special skill. Man, just saw another person, has to hide and prepare the rifle.” They can take you to the police or to deprive of property, health and life. The latest option is not very uncommon. As explained one police officer – they do not like poachers, not because they are destroying animals, but any imported barrel often finds target among peoples”(negligence or murder – it does not matter).
  5. Abandoned places. The territory itself, without taking into account the factor of radiation, poses many dangers. The most typical – a different kind of penetration in the land: wells, cesspools, basements, etc. For 20 years, all overgrown so that you’ll never see directly. Another problem – traps and loops – guns of poachers and inhabitants. The abundance of wetlands requires a quagmire. It is possible to list endlessly, but all these dangers are known to more or less experienced tourists. However, this relates the biggest problem. If that happens, then the qualified first aid assistance will provide only in special medical unit of Chernobyl or in ChNPP, but it can be very far away …


Stalker Emergency exit. The above arguments do not convince you, and you are going to visit the Zone. We will advise only one thing: when you elaborate a map before penetration, drawing a route, check for yourself the points of “emergency exit”. Points of “emergency exit” are the place where you can make contact with the personnel of Exclusion Zone and to get help in a situation where you will not be up to the conspiracy. Points of “emergency exit”: 1. Center of the Zone – Chernobyl town, sett. Polesskoe and Chernobyl, Vilcha 2. Base services and enterprises to stay round the clock staff – Base foresters (Paryshiv, Opacic, Lubyanka), CAT (Lelev, Paryshiv, Pripyat, Benevka), railway station “Janov”. 3. Villages with self-settlers – Teremtsy, Ladyzhichi, Paryshiv, Illintsi, Dibrova, Lubyanka, Opacic, Kupovatoe. 4. Firefighters posts foresters – towers (Korogod and Cherevach).