Automatic photography of wild animal in chernobyl zone

Present results of wild animal study by using of automatic camera. All pictures were created directly on the territory of Chernobyl zone of alienation.
At the beginning of 2000, photo shooting of animals began in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone using automatic photo cameras by the Slavutich International Radioecological Laboratory in cooperation with the Texas Tech University.



Over many years of studies a significant volume of photographs of animals of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone has been amassed. Now we have a chance to see these unique photos, which show animals in the natural conditions. You will also see Red Book animals of the Zone – a badger and many others.

photo chernobyl

photo chernobyl

Most of the photos were taken in nighttime, which reduces somewhat the quality of the pictures, but allows seeing the free life of animals.

Wolf – Canis lupus

The number of wolves in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is believed to increase gradually, which is caused by the absence of humans, as the limiting factor, as well as a good food supply for this predator. Despite lack of records, it is believed that there may be up to 200 wolves in the Zone at present. More detail about wolfs in Chernobyl zone.

Badger Meles meles

According to the scientists, the badger population in the territory of alienation zone of Chernobyl nuclear power plants may total up to 300 animals. More detail about badger in Chernobyl zone.

Wild boar – Sus scrofa

Today, one of the most numerous wild animal on the territory of Chernobyl Zone of alienation is a wild boar. Some information about this omnivorous animal you find on the page – More detail about wild boar on radioactive polluted territory of Chernobyl zone.

Deer Cervus elaphus

The red deer was once an ordinary animal at the Polesye. However, at the beginning of the twentieth century this species was almost exterminated. More detail about deer in Chernobyl zone.

Fox – Vulpes vulpes

Racoon – Nyctereutes procyonoides

Przewalskii horse – Equus przewalskii

Elk – Alces alces

Roe – Capreolus capreolus

Short video about Roe in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.
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Hare Lepus europaeus