Unique Chernobyl

Unique Chernobyl

If you are involved in the Chernobyl accident on the robot, or for other reasons – you have a great opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most ancient cities of Ukraine.
The town of Chernobyl is a great and unique history. Since its inception, Chernobyl was always in the center of historic events that have defined development as Kievan Rus’ in ancient times, and the former Soviet Union in the recent past (it is believed that the elimination of the Chernobyl accident significantly undermined the economic power of the USSR, which led to collapse of the state.
According to the data, which were found in Ipatyevski chronicles first mention of Chernobyl is dated 1193 year, but according to preliminary data of the archaeological expedition in 2005, people founded a permanent settlement at the beginning of X century. In addition, within the modern Chernobyl region established the presence of an ancient settlement, the base of which occurred about two and a half thousand years ago. However, it should be recognized that extensive historical and archaeological research of Chernobyl and the settlements of the Chernobyl region in modern times took place. The latest archaeological expedition conducted in 1913. It was then found an ancient treasure.
It is hoped that the city of Chernobyl will be studied by archaeologists in our own time. Feasibility studies on Chernobyl is obvious, because humanity with respect and interest applies to everything related to the historical past. Analyzing the events in the past, a person gains experience and can combine, compare past and present, and may try to predict the future.
Perhaps desire to decipher the historical mystery makes travel a significant part of the world’s population, making them travelers who need to go where the footprints of Cheops, or where the burst radiation of Chernobyl.
Visit the Chernobyl zone, to see with my own eyes on the abandoned villages, abandoned town of Pripyat people and see the sarcophagus over the destroyed fourth block of Chernobyl has now become possible to virtually anyone, an adult man.
The territory of the Chernobyl exclusion zone is protected, it is surrounded by barbed wire. To get on its territory must obtain a permit. If permission is received, to reach their destination is simple and even comfortable, but on condition that the visitor is provided with transport.
Village Zalissia – first abandoned village, which is found on the route to Chernobyl. For people who have lived most of his life in an environment of modern mega-cities – is a village makes a tremendous impression. It was the village, and then she disappears before our eyes, almost disappeared … There are streets, but without titles, and the streets are already can not be called …

The modern view of the village Zalissia (Spring 2007)

Village Zelese – photos of rural school

Village Zalissia – abandoned playground
City of Chernobyl will not leave no one indifferent. Despite the fact that the city is home to around 170 “self-settlers” and about 2000 people enterprise personnel exclusion zone, most of the city abandoned and gradually “absorbed by vegetation. Some landscapes of the town of Chernobyl is presented at this site “City of Chernobyl”. For visits to interesting sites useful to find the attendant – a significant savings in time and enable us to see more.

the city of Chernobyl

Chernobyl – Church of Elijah

Elijah Church – central entrance
Special impression on the visitors have visited the deserted city of Pripyat. The civilian population was evicted from the city for a few hours. 46,000 people were evicted (removed) from the city April 27, 1986 …
Details of past and present of the first cities Atomic Ukraine can be found in the pages of history of the town of Pripyat ‘and’ city of Pripyat today (on this page, you can get acquainted with modern radiation situation in the city).

Architecture Pripyat

View of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant from the rooftops

photo – Pripyat landscape
The destruction of school № 1. Military equipment Forgotten (left) in the city Abandoned Engineering
Without the people the city is destroyed and devastated. Without the people the town of Pripyat looks as bad as people without a head. Look at it hard, but to see such – is necessary. After a “tour” a feeling akin to that which feels after leaving the hospital – you start to appreciate life, tender look at those around you. Visitors of the Chernobyl exclusion zone to visit this city since the realization that in a few years all will go into oblivion, even such residues of human presence, stimulate use of the opportunity.
If you have any questions on procedures and conditions visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone and safe stay in the territory – you can ask them to author the site by Email, or leave your question in the “Guest Book”