Current state of the Red Forest

Мутація сосни Рудий ліс
A photo essay on the current state of the exclusion zone natural biocenosis, which has undergone the maximum radiation effect in 1986 due to the accumulation of fatal doses of radiation. In effect, this zone is known as the «Red forest».
The page contains a large number of illustrative materials (pictures), demonstrating the representatives of flora and fauna in one of the most radioactive places on our planet.

Mutation generative organs (morphosis) of pines in the Red forest (photo)

One of the most unique places of the Chernobyl zone, where even today you can visually observe the effect of radiation on living organisms – it is the «Red forest». This area is located a short distance from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (1-2 kilometers to the west – see the map “Red Forest”).
The previous page describes the particular impact of large doses of radiation on the pine stands in 1986.
Despite the fact that today doses significantly reduced power and exposure dose does not exceed 1 – 3 mR/h, part of young pine plantations receiving doses giving rise to mutations of generative organs. It is important to note that the main source of exposure in the Red Forest is radionuclides, which are a breeding substrate, biomass buried in the trenches in 1986. Radioactive substances entered the plant, along with nutrients through the root system, forming significant levels of dose internal radiation.
The following photos show the existence of morphosis of the young growing up after the accident, young pine. Thus, one can observe a significant branching, which is driven suppression of apical growth points, leaving the side (sleeping) have formed a point of additional branches.
In other photographs submitted to the plant, which suppressed (significantly braked) growth processes. Even after 15-20 years after planting, these plants grew in height only by one and a half – two meters.
At some fragments of photos we see some branches with no needles, while some of it very long, or vice versa, shorter. It is also a generative mutations (morphosis) caused by radiation.

The territory of the dead wood (unburied in the trenches)

Here are photos of the status of the territory in which the dead wood has been buried in the trenches. Much of dead trees that you can find on the territory of Red Forest today are rests on the ground. The area is gradually wild young scrub birch and pine. Natural recovery of vegetation occurs.

The modern form of burial in the Red forest

There are photographs of contemporary forms of burial, which in 1986 was buried dead wood, as well as the radioactive soil and forest litter. In some photos indicate that tombs partially destroyed and one fragments buried trees stick out. In addition to burial can be observed and abandoned trenches, which were never used for the burial of the Red Forest.
Much of the area around the burial grounds covered with young scrub birch