Wildlife Photo in Chernobyl Exclution Zone

Hand-picked photos of basic site sections, and also special pages which contain thematic pictures about an area.

Photo animal, which you can find on the territory of Chernobyl exclution zone

Hare in exclution zone wildlife of chernobyl zone squirrel in a garden of Chernobyl city

Mink on ice of Chernobyl nuclear power plant cooling pond wild boar wild boar in the territory of chernobyl exclusion zone

Wild boar (Sus scrofa) around Chernobyl city Sus scrofa skeleton (in exclution zone) Elk

Elk nearby Pripyat river not far from Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Alces alces photo Elk (Alces alces) in natural condition of Chernobyl exclution zone

antler photo Elk skeleton Skull animal photo

Skull of wild boar in exclusion zone

Vegetative life (wildflowers) photos from Chernobyl alienation area

wildflowers Chernobyl vegetative life Flowers in the territory of Chernobyl exclusion zone

Wildlife views of chernobyl zone Views of Chernobyl alienation area

Photo of fish, which live in Chernobyl NPP cooling pond.

Cat-fish nearby Chernobyl NPP Cat-fish in cooling-pond Silurus glanis

Cat-fish feeding Scientist in Chornobyl zone Radioecological Investigation of ichthyofauna of ChNPP cooling pond

Scientific fishing on ChNPP cooling pond Cat-fish from Chernobyl Nucler Power Plant cooling pond (weight - 35 kg)