Photographs of the current state of the Pripyat city

Buildings and architectural elements of the modern Pripyat city

Pripyat city Pripyat city Pripyat city
Northwestern section of Pripyat – Greenhouses. View from a helicopter. Greenhouses. View from a helicopter. Ferris Wheel. Amusement Park. Central area of the city.
Views of Pripyat city Pripyat city view Pripyat city today
Central Pripyat. View of the hotel Polissia.
Pripyat landscape.
Pripyat landscape.
View on Chernobyl NPP from Pripyat city Pripyat city Pripyat city
View of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant from the roof of a Pripyat apartment building.
Eastern section of the city.
Pripyat landscape.
Natural bilding degradation of the Pripyat city Bilding in Pripyat Destroy the Pripyat city
The effects of natural processes – destruction of city buildings. The effects of destruction at School №1. The destruction of part of Pripyat School №1.
USSR Military equipment engineering equipment on the territory of the Pripyat cite
Element of evident propaganda. Forgotten military equipment in Pripyat. Abandoned engineering equipment.

A look inside Pripyat’s homes and buildings

Pripyat city Pripyat lost city
Color panels The former sports hall School Room
Pripyat city Bilding in Pripyat city Prison in Pripyat city
School hallway Birch tree – middle of school classroom Hallway of Pripyat prison
Pripyat's prison Experimetn in hothouse Pripyat city Radioecology in greenhouse in the Pripyat city
Close-up of door to Pripyat prison cell Scientific experiments in Pripyat greenhouses (1997) Pilot plot for growing vegetables (lettuce) in Pripyat greenhouses after the accident (1997)
Study of bee in radiation condition in the Pripyat city Hothouse in the Pripyat city after accident on Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Radioecologycal studies
Experimental aviary in Pripyat greenhouses. 1996. Research conducted by research fellow – Ivanov VE Pripyat greenhouses in 1986 Scientific experiments for growing cucumbers (for seed). In years 1991-1994 in the Division of Radiology and Redevelopment

The ruins of former science laboratories and equipment in the Pripyat city

Bilding of radioecological laboratory in the Pripyat city Radioecological laboratory Scientific Laboratory
Kindergarten, which was converted into a scientfic laboratory. Research was conducted in this building from 1991 to 1998. Appeance of rooms today (2007) where soil samples were kept Bank of soil samples and plants
Laboratory in Pripyat city Radiochemical laboratory in Pripyat city Scientist
Closeup of abandoned laboratory Modern view of radiochemical laboratory (2007) Experiments radiochemical analyses in the laboratory (1996)