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  • Landscape Description of Chernobyl Exclution Zone

    Landscape Description of Chernobyl Exclution Zone

    Climate of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, as a whole, is mild-continental with warm summer and mild winter. Presence of forests, ponds, reservoirs, bogs and settlements provides arising of local climatic conditions. In winter air temperature changes from -25 to +5 Celsius, average -6.

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  • Red Forest: Liquidation

    Red Forest: Liquidation

    It is already the second material of site which is prepared on unique photos which have been captured by direct participants of liquidation of ChNPP accident consequences. In my opinion, it is impossible to overestimate documentary importance of the usual black-and-white photos showing “everyday life” of works spent in 1986 in epicenter of radiating [...]

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  • Current state of the Red Forest

    Current state of the Red Forest

    A photo essay on the current state of the exclusion zone natural biocenosis, which has undergone the maximum radiation effect in 1986 due to the accumulation of fatal doses of radiation. In effect, this zone is known as the «Red forest». The page contains a large number of illustrative materials (pictures), demonstrating the representatives of flora [...]

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  • Red deer (Cervus elaphus) in Chernobyl zone

    Red deer (Cervus elaphus) in Chernobyl zone

    In the middle of last century the red deer was introduced into hunting preserves of the Chernobyl region and adjacent territories. At present, red deer can be found virtually anywhere in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

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  • Chernobyl-2. Strugatsky’s Prophetic Fantasy.

    Chernobyl-2. Strugatsky’s Prophetic Fantasy.

    The modern landscape adjacent to the Chernobyl-2 territories is strikingly similar to descriptions in "The Inhabited Island." The same abandoned and overgrown young trees, vegetation and road communications. Plots of old pine forest are littered with fallen branches and dead trees. Among the forest were found the remains of abandoned equipment.

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  • Retrospective photos of Chernobyl town

    Retrospective photos of Chernobyl town

    Old historical photo of Chernobyl town. Unique view of old town and old Chernobyl's Churches

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