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    Chernobyl zone is a unique place in Ukraine, where forming of valuable natural ecosystem happened by virtue of the folded circumstances (high levels of radiation and absence of man). The material of a website contains description both separate representatives of animal and vegetable kingdom of alienation area and natural ecosystem as the whole. We hope, that information will be instrumental in forming of understanding the problems which connected not only with the Chernobyl’s catastrophe but also questions of affecting one of major tasks of radio-biology is influence of ionizing radiations on living organisms and biosphere as the whole

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New information about Ancient history of the "Chernobyl’s area."

The story about the ancient history and modern state of the Chernobyl town."

Military object in Chernobyl's zone. Picture story about unique radar in secret town - Chernobyl-2."

Unique photos of wild animal (wolf, fox, badger, elk etc.) which inhabit in Chernobyl zone of alienation. See the page - "Automatic photography of wild animal in chernobyl zone.""

New materails (text and photo) about top secret military radar in Chernobyl. Chernobyl-2. Military facility in the shadow of Chernobyl."

Start to work the English version site "Chernobyl exclusion zone. The past and the present."

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   Red Forest...
   ... zone suffered a complete loss of conifers with partial damage to hardwoods (the so-called "Red forest"). Scholars estimate that the level of absorbed doses of external gamma radiation exposure in 1986-1987 was 8000 - 10000, with the maximum capacity of the external dose was 500 mR/h and more. This total area of this zone is approximately 400 hectares. In this zone, the pine tree trunks completely died and pine needles exhibited a brick color. The entire forest was virtually "burned down" - having accumulated a significant amount of radioactive emissions. Heavy radioactive contamination of the dead trees led to its burial.

   About evacuation from contaminated territory of Chernobyl...
   ...evening radiation level in Pripyat exceeded the natural background in 1000 times (0,1 mSv/h). Though radiation situation did not cause alert yet, physicists of the Governmental commission recommended evacuate inhabitants, because they could not judge with confidence about the state of the reactor active area and about further development of the accident. Near 22:00 Commission has come to conclusion to begin of evacuation the next day – 27 April...

   Description of the New Safe Confinement ...
   ...The confinement's main function is limitation of the Shelter's radioactive substances spreading. This condition must be implemented during normal conditions of the confinement exploitation as well as during possible accident (the Shelter destruction). Project term of the new construction is one hundred years.
The confinement will provide isolation of the Shelter from rainwater and snow slush incoming. It also will provide groundwater protection from the destroyed reactor's radioactive substances.

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Chernobyl exclusion zone
wildlife photos

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New Safe Confinement description

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