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   Outfit is an important element of stalker. There are differences in equipment and outfit of stalker groups. "Game-addicted" group uses in most clothing for hiking in the woods, and sometimes a simple sportswear. Devises for field dosimetry (mostly) are not used. Although sometimes, for courage, they have the gas masks that would make a spectacular picture on the background of some sign of radiation safety or dilapidated farm.


   Almost all the "ideological" stalkers know very well where to go. They are well prepared in theory and have practical skills in radiation safety. All respondents use dosimeters (very often they take even a few instruments in the campaign) and respiratory protection. Use of gas and alcohol burners for cooking is fairly widespread. Diet looks thoughtful, and usually consists of canned goods.

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   There is a curious detail. "Ideological" stalkers do not leave the debris. They take cans, wrappers and other with them.
   During group visits they often use the radio.
   Some of them use physical protection – spray can "Blow".
   "Ideological" ones necessarily have a first aid kit. Here is a short list of stalker’s kits: elastic bandage (it is understandable why, there is the danger of strains and sprains, it is possible even fail under the floor in many buildings), a sterile gauze, peroxide, iodine, painkillers (Ketanov - the most efficient, but fairly aggressive)."

<<<  Stalker Chernobyl Zone    |     Routes of stalkers penetration to the Zone  >>>

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