Views of Chernobyl exclusion zone

Photos of natural landsapes of Chernobyl exclusion zone

   landsapes of Chernobyl zone

Chernobyl zone photos   Photo of Chernobyl zone   Photo of Chornobyl zone  

Chernobyl zone photos   Wildlife in zone   Photo chernobyl zone  

Chernobyl zone   The territory around Chernobyl NPP   Chernobyl  

Chornobyl photo   Chernobyl photos   exclution zone  

zone after nuclear accident   Wildlife of exclution zone after nuclear accident   zone wildlife  

wildlife chornobyl zone  

   Photos of Rudya-Illineckaya village

Village of chernobyl zone   Rydnia   Rudnya  

Illya river   The bridge through Illia river   Views of flood-land Illia river in Chernobyl zone  

Views of Rudya-Illineckaya   Rudya-Illineckaya  


   Horses (Equus przewalskii)



   Reptiles and insects

   Landscapes of an area

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Automatic photography of wild animal in chernobyl zone

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